How to Opt In/Out of the Owner Telephone Directory

The Owner Telephone Directory is only visible to property owners of Bell Tower Park who are registered and logged into the website.
As a default, ALL telephone numbers and all emails are marked as private. 

You are able to customize what contact information is made visible to other residents within your community or you can remove yourself completely from the directory. 
  1. Click on the Welcome Drop Down Menu and select Update Profile.
    1. From the Main Information and/or Address Information Tabs of your Member Profile, you can alter the privacy settings by checking/unchecking the Private box.
    2. From the  Membership Tab within your profile you can check the box labeled "Remove from Directory" to remove your household from the Membership Directory completely. 
  2. Save Changes

Welcome Drop Down Menu

Main Information Tab

Address Information Tab

Membership Tab

Special Notes on Editing Contact Details

  • When updating your household information, please only include your own email address(es) in your member profile. Your Spouse's email should go in their own profile to avoid any issues with your username and password becoming unlinked and bouncing between your profiles.
  • To update contact information for other members of your household, or add additional members to your household, please click here. Add additional household members using the "+Add Related Member" button towards the bottom of the page. Click the edit pencil next to a household member's name to edit their contact information.