BTP POA Liaison Assignments

The Liaison position serves as the subject matter expert on the POA Board for the assigned area(s) of responsibility, and the main conduit for the area's information flow between (1) the Board and the CAM and (2) the Board and the Committee. As the designated person with area expertise on the Board, the Liaison is responsible for knowing the overall status of the area, the details of all applicable contracts, and assisting the CAM with evaluation of contractor performance. The Liaison should have the best overall perspective on the assigned area and be in the best position to recommend management decisions. Fellow Board members should come to the Liaison with area related questions, requests for CAM to take action, information, concerns, etc. The Liaison should be kept informed if another Board member requests an uncoordinated initiative in their area of responsibility. The Liaison does not set Board policy, but rather goes to the Board for policy guidance. If the Board feels that the liaison's performance is inadequate, the matter should be discussed/resolved in a Board meeting convened for that purpose.

Committee Liasion Chairman Responsibilites Operating Contracts
Activities  Alicia Shaw  Ronnie Vaccarino

Community Social Activities
Buildings & Amenities Vince Vaccarino  Vince Vaccarino Building interiors (cosmetics) and amenities including: clubhouse, annex, pools, tennis courts, playground, sports court, fitness equipment, park benches and guard house.

Tennis Court Maintenance;
Pool maintenance
Communications  Alicia Shaw  Jim Stewart  BTP newsletter, Website, Owners' Telephone Directory

Finance Don Boreman TDB Prepare budget, review financial results, monitor major contracts; Update reserves study

Reserves Study;
Comcast Contract;
Attorney Contract
Landscaping John Davenport
Alicia Shaw 
Paul Niss  All landscape related contracts including lakes and preserves - including walking path
Lakes and Preserves;
Storm Recovery Contract [Landscape]

Maintenance Don Boreman  Tim Kidd Maintaining and repairing all BTP utilities;
building structural features and air conditioning; roads; gates & fencing; outdoor lighting; and Preventative maintenance master planning

Master Electrical;
Landscape Lighting
Safety John Davenport David Shaw  Security/Safety/Risk Management to include BTP access control, video cameras, violations, Insurance coverage; Police & Fire Dept liaison; Emergency planning
Envera, Insurances,
Storm Shutter Install Contract,
Storm Recovery Contracts
(Except Landscape)

Compliance  TBD TBD Generate lists of individuals qualified to serve on the fining committee. Coordinate requests for rule changes; Develop recommended language. Recommend generalized penalties for various rule violations. Prepare master plan for revitalizing BTP rule enforcement.