Landscaping Information

Our landscape company is Green Heron Landscapes, Inc., which is responsible for landscaping, irrigation and chemical treatment of all vegetation outside of our preserves. (Our two types of preserves [wet lands and up-lands] are maintained by a different company.) 

The information that is posted here-in is basically disparate pieces of landscaping related information that has been provided to our residents over the last 3 to 4 years.

Mainscape has provided the community with a list of plants that can be used in this community. If you want to change any landscaping, please select the approved plant(s) and submit a formal request for the change (including any supporting drawing) to the CAM for approval.

Video: Cabbage Palm Pruning (9-to-3 cut) by Stephen Brown
Video: Palm Tree Pruning Guidance by Doug Caldwell
Video: Shady Lady Leaf Drop/Staining
WikiHow: How to Trim a Palm Tree

Carriage Homes Driveway Landscape Change

An alternate driveway design for units with single family garages has been adopted by the POA. Owners wishing to change their landscaping must first submit a "LANDSCAPE AND BUILDING REQUEST FOR ALTERATIONS, REPAIRS AND RECONSTRUCTION FORM" (available on the Website or from the CAM Office) and receive approval prior to the alteration. The unit owner shall incur all associated costs. Mainscape can be contracted by the unit owner for the work. The design package is attached.