Emergency Planning

In 2012 an Emergency Preparedness Plan was drafted for the BTP community. It was prepared internally by the Building & Amenities Committee to aide our Associations in the execution of their responsibility to operate the property for the health, safety, comfort and general welfare of the unit owners. The plan was based on emergency planning and operations data available from Federal, State and Local emergency planning organizations.

The 2012 plan discussed BTP emergency planning for three events: hurricane; tornado; and wild fire. It suggested both long range preparations and the short term actions needed immediately before the event.

Currently (2016) emergency event preparation planning and post-event recovery is being addressed by our Security Committee. A hurricane is deemed the most likely event. Relative to a hurricane, the 2012 Plan concluded: 

  • Potential susceptibility to hurricane damage from storm surge may be greater than understood by the community.
  • The order to evacuate will likely come well in advance of the storm because of the size of the population to be moved. Unfortunately, this may lead residents to delay their departure. Resultant traffic problems could become significant, particularly since the County’s current, new evacuation plan has never been exercised.
  • Resident education could save lives and allow our residents make better decisions on both safe-guarding and insuring their property.
  • The only way to be fully prepared for a hurricane evacuation is to stay well informed and start preparations early.  Unfortunately this may mean taking, what later turns out to be, unnecessary precautions.  Hurricane evacuation notices remain a mixture of art and science and every storm scenario is different and unique.  


An article subsequently appeared in the July 2012 BTP newsletter. It is attached under this WEB page, as is the Lee County Family Emergency planning document. The document is generic and so some areas don't readily apply to BTP. However, there are areas that do apply and can make you aware of some of the things you should be thinking about and doing. Please take a look at your family emergency plan before any tropical storm is headed our way!

Family Emergency Plan:

This generic example of a family emergency plan (attached below) is meant to trigger your thinking. Use it to customize a plan that fits the needs of your family

Remember, when threatened by a hurricane, our floor slab's elevation appears to be approximately 11-12 feet above sea level. A 20 foot projected storm surge (which is possible from a storm coming from the southwest) is very bad news. If a large storm surge is projected, it's best to leave early. If you are going to relocate to another area, it's likely that heading south and going over to the east coast is the best path to plan... but always check the latest storm track projections. Again, leave early; don't get caught in high rain and wind, unable to reach your destination. Pre-selecting an east coast hotel with substantial construction away from their beaches makes sense. Call ahead for reservations.

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

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